Bishop’s Legacy Restaurant, Lowell MA | Merchant Profile

Bishopís Legacy Restaurant is a family owned and operated restaurant in Lowell, Massachusetts. It is owned by Chuck Saba with his son and daughter in-law. The restaurant is a continuation of the original Bishopís Restaurant in Lawrence, which was opened by his grandmother in 1949. Chuckís grandmother was a remarkable woman. She was a widow, looking for a loan just after World War II when jobs were scarce, especially for women. She sat in the bank for two days before anyone would talk to her. The banker she finally talked to knew her husband, who owned a shop during the depression and he would let people write down what they took if they couldnít pay. The banker gave her a loan of $1000 to start her business. Bishopís Restaurant was successful for 50 years and claimed awards like the Small Business Administration ìPerson of the Yearî award. When giant independent restaurants became less in demand, Bishopís Restaurant closed and Chuck soon reopened it as Bishopís Legacy Restaurant in Lowell. Chuckís favorite part of owning the restaurant is getting to share stories and food with the customers. He is very involved with guests and likes to talk to all the tables. The atmosphere in the restaurant is very casual and fun. The menu at Bishopís is Eastern Mediterranean and Lebanese fare. Many of their recipes are old family recipes dating back to the 1800s. They have kept the tradition of Bishopís Restaurant in Lawrence and offer many of the same items. Chuckís son Joseph is the head chef and he likes to add his own creative twists to the menu. One of his delicious creations is the Lebanese Nacho dish, which contains their homemade pita chips topped with ground lamb, feta and cheddar cheese, fresh veggies, and buffalo tarator. Theyíre traditional dishes are also very popular, like the Baked Kibbee, Lamb, and Rolled Grapeleaves. Chuck recommends their Baked Stuffed Lobster Pie, made with sweet and tender lobster claws and their signature walnut stuffing. They also offer a number of vegetarian dishes.Bishopís has delicious homemade desserts and a full bar with unique specialty cocktails. For dessert, try their Baked Alaska: layers of cake and ice cream and meringue, topped with fresh fruit. Their newest dessert is a French Toast Sundae, which is made with brioche french toast, crunchy topping, maple syrup, ice cream, strawberries, and topped with a piece of candied bacon. Beverage highlights include the refreshing Elderberry Martini, with Three Olives Raspberry vodka, St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur, strawberry puree, and sparkling water, and the Tabooli Bloody Mary.The community of Lowell is full of excitement and innovation, and Bishopís likes to be involved as much as they can be. Lowell has the largest community of artists east of the Mississippi River. A large portion of the city is a national park. They are also a very progressive city and generally just a great place to hang out for the night. Bishopís features local musicians and artists. The artwork around the restaurant rotates between works done by local artists. When musicians come into town to play festivals, Bishopís will play their music in the restaurant as well. Bishopís is also a great asset for fundraising. Give them a couple weeks notice and they will host an event for your nonprofit group.. They also offer a gift card selling service where your company keeps part of the profits.Bishopís Legacy Restaurant has street parking and commercial lots available. They accept reservations and large groups. Check out their website for more information about their catering service. They also do takeout and offer full size desserts to go. They are open Wednesday-Sunday for lunch and dinner and Monday and Tuesday for Lunch. Check out Bishopís Legacy Restaurant for amazing Eastern Mediterranean cuisine!

143 Merrimack St
Lowell, MA 01852