Bistro Albertino, Willow Grove PA | Merchant Profile

Having been in the area for over four years, Bistro Albertino embodies a fine dining experience in a casual setting, and the longstanding time in the Willow Grove area can attest to that. Owner Argon Hajdari, otherwise known as Goni was born in Albania, and has transferred his culinary expertise to the United States, doing so to the highest degree. At the young age of seventeen, he moved to England to refine his craft in culinary school, and after living there for eleven years, he took his knowledge and held it to a higher standard, seeking to provide his own ideas to the Willow Grove area in an elevated fashion. The dishes at Bistro Albertino are top notch, and the quality and consistency that Argon has put to the forefront is nothing short of remarkable, making it a must while in the area. Specializing in Mediterranean and Italian dishes, Argonís chef driven menu fuels the culinary powerhouse known as Bistro Albertino, and the new fusions paired with authentic classics take the experience to the next level. The Caprese is widely favored option to indulge in, crafted with homemade fresh mozzarella, freshly cut tomatoes, basil, then drizzled with imported extra virgin olive oil. The Risotto Al Pescatore is another fresh option worth giving a try, comprised of mussels, clams, calamari, and shrimp, slowly cooked with risotto, and onions, on a garlic white wine. No matter the instance, the location has something for everyone, and that is what makes dining in so special. What separates Bistro Albertino from other similar concepts is their ability to make well known dishes in a healthier fashion. The location does not host a fryer, everything is cooked on a grill or baked, to make the experience a little better than the breaded and fried route restaurants normally go to. They source everything from local purveyors, and pride themselves on their daily specials to provide something fresh and different time after time. The hidden gem is certainly worth giving a try while in the area, and will not disappoint in providing a memorable and quality dining experience.  

634 N York Rd
Willow Grove, PA 19090