Bites Asian Tapas & Sushi, Chicago IL | Merchant Profile

Bites Asian Tapas & Sushi is a Pan Asian restaurant that focuses on small plates and sushi. In Asian culture potluck-style dining where everyone shares food with each other is very common unlike in America where most people order their own individual plates. Bites Asian Tapas & Sushi created their small plates in order to be shared because they believe that tasting new things and sharing them with friends is a big part of enjoying a meal out. One of their most popular menu items is a Thai dish called Crying Tiger. It consists of marinated skirt steak that is sweet and salty and once its grilled takes on a great char flavor. Bites Asian Tapas & Sushiís Taro Fries, which are served with garlic salt, spicy ketchup, and parsley aioli also fly off the menu. Another customer favorite from the menu are Bites Asian Tapas & Sushiís sliders. The sliders come in a couple different styles like Korean and Chicken. The sliders are a great pick for the less adventurous diners because they bring Asian flavors to a traditional American dish they can recognize while getting their feet wet experimenting with new flavors. Bites Asian Tapas & Sushi stays open late on Saturday nights and offers a special, traditional Thai menu that is only available on that night. A special Raw Shrimp Salad is featured on the menu along with other traditional Thai items. Bites Asian Tapas & Sushi does offer other food and drink specials throughout the week and catering is available upon request. The restaurant also has an outdoor patio for guests to enjoy as well as a long list of beers, wines, sakes, and other liquors to choose from. If youíre looking to hold a private event or party, Bites Asian Tapas & Sushi will host the event at their restaurant or an off-site space that they own as well. For anyone looking to try new flavors and foods served in a beautiful restaurant, Bites Asian Tapas & Sushi is the place for you. Whether your appetite is large or small, Bites Asian Tapas & Sushi has the perfect options to try and share amongst your table. 

3313 North Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60657