Black Horse Tavern, Middletown PA | Merchant Profile

Carrying a vast history of the Middletown area, Black Horse Tavern encompasses the entire locality of the area, taking it to the next level with tradition and meticulous attention to detail. The cornerstone to the area takes a true nostalgia and puts a genuine experience to the forefront, making it a household name to locals and visitors alike. The owners Thomas Pavlovic and Adam Chubb have learned the industry from top to bottom, and have driven their culinary expertise to fuel the powerhouse known as Black Horse Tavern. They hold their genuine and trustworthy efforts to a higher standard, and they have hit the nail on the head with this concept. The history through time with the Farmerís Hotel and Lamp Post is far from forgotten and is prevalent through the entire experience from top to bottom. The restaurant pays homage to the longstanding history that has passed through the building. Doing so flawlessly, Thomas and Adam prioritized immersing customers into an experience fulfilled with comradery and a heightened social aspect with food to rival it. Having been apart for eight years, they took this endeavor head on and the outcome has gained them widespread notoriety. They had fun with the concept and rejuvenated everything from top to bottom, breeding it to be something held in high regard. They pride themselves on being able to adhere to their guests needs above all else, catering to all requests and doing it in an honest and caring manner. They hit the nail on the head in doing so. Staying true to form and not messing with any original recipes, the restaurantís menu drives the success full force, seemingly never able to disappoint. The restaurant is upscale in every aspect but they deliver in an unpretentious manner, providing affordable options, and more than anything using the cuisine as a segway to bring all walks of life together in the tavern-esque atmosphere. The sandwiches and burgers are a top choice, and the steaks, crab cakes, or wings are also fan favorites that continue to keep customers coming back for more. The location offers catering if that is preferred and private dining options offer the ability to host a fantastic gathering. Stopping in promises an ambiance with extensive history paired with good food and good drinks, making it a must while in the area.

101 E Main St.
Middletown, PA 17057