Black Lotus Brewing Co, Clawson MI | Merchant Profile

Over ten years, Black Lotus evolved from being just a microbrewery to a legitimate restaurant and brewery featuring live music and special events. When Mike and his brother-in-law Mark first opened Black Lotus, beer was their top priority, they didnít even offer food. They were two guys who loved brewing beer in their backyard, and saw an opportunity in the market to establish themselves. Soon after they opened, their clientele pressured them to add a kitchen, so thatís exactly what they did. Over the years they expanded the kitchen, and created a niche for themselves in Detroit.Black Lotus is a place for everyone. It offers a type of comfortable, coffeehouse atmosphere. There was recent renovations done to add more bar area, seating and a music stage. Black Lotus is one of the few places around to offer outdoor patio seating in the warmer months. When the weather is not so pleasant, enjoy the virtual golf and live music they offer inside. Aside from dinner, Black Lotus is open for lunch and late night enjoyment.Black Lotus offers great beer, starting with good ingredients. The food is fresh and delicious, made with unique house recipes to especially compliment their delicious beer.

1 E 14 Mile Rd
Clawson, MI 48017