Black Powder Tavern, Wayne PA | Merchant Profile

Black Powder Tavern is located in historic Wayne, Pennsylvania where the battle at Valley Forge occurred. The building that houses the tavern dates back to 1746 and has held many different businesses and purposes. It is believed that the building was used as a secret black powder munitions stash for the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War as well as a place for soldiers to eat, drink, and restore their spirit. Today, they honor that legacy by continuing to raise the spirits of their guests by providing top-notch food, drinks, and service.  Three years ago in 2013 the restaurant was renovated, renamed, and reopened under the name the Black Powder Tavern in order to tie the establishment to its historic location. Everything is made from scratch using the freshest and finest ingredients. The menu has a variety of different dishes to choose from including small and large plates. The small plates are great for mixing and matching or sharing with friends while the large plates are generous and make a great meal. One of the most popular items off the menu is the Cheesy Devils on Horseback that is made with Medjool dates stuffed with Gorgonzola and wrapped in bacon. The Goat Cheese Polenta Fires are another favorite that are made with cornmeal, Reggiano, and Spicy Harissa Sauce. Every dish is handmade from scratch including their delicious burgers that are all ground and shaped on-site. The Black Bean Vegetarian Burger is a fan favorite that is created using house-made black beans, roasted vegetables, Portobello, pepper jack, and chipotle mayo. In addition to their wonderful cuisine, Black Powder Tavern also offers a full bar stocked with great drinks and spirits. The restaurant creates a special drink list for every season and they have twenty-four beers on tap year-round. They often feature beers from local breweries and rotate them so thereís always something new to try. All in all, Black Powder Tavern is the perfect place to enjoy a family meal, fun night with friends, or intimate dinner date. The atmosphere is warm and cozy while the staff is very knowledgeable, friendly, and hard working. The staff not only answers questions about the restaurant and food, but they also can answer any questions about the surrounding area and location. The next time youíre in town be sure to stop by Black Powder Tavern to experience a little piece of American history while enjoying a great meal and drink!

1164 Valley Forge Road
Wayne, PA 19087