Black Rock Bar and Grill, Novi MI | Merchant Profile

Black Rock Bar and Grill was opened in 2013 in Novi, Michigan. This restaurant has turned into a franchise and the expansion of Black Rock will continue in the future. What makes this steakhouse unique, is that the customer cooks their own piece of meat directly in front of them to their preference and perfection. This new concept is taking the community by storm and bringing customers in for all occasions. At Black Rock Bar and Grill, the raw pieces of meat are served on a piece of 755 degree, volcanic, granite rock. This new way of dining provides an entertaining and unique experience for customers. All of the steaks are center cut and have their customersí mouths watering. Black Rock uses certified Angus beef and the best quality of meats in all of their dishes. One of the most popular dishes at Black Rock Bar and Grill is the ìTaste of Black Rock.î This dish consists of a sirloin and filet paired together to make the ultimate dining experience. Black Rock really prides itself on its unique experience and gives its customers a new way of dining that is special to this steakhouse.

44175 W 12 Mile Rd
Novi, MI 48377