Blank Canvas Cafe, Colorado Springs CO | Merchant Profile

Blank Canvas Cafe was opened in June 2015 as a part of Dreamcatchers in Colorado Springs. Dreamcatchers is a vocational program for adults with intellectual disabilities and at risk youth. It helps them find employment and have an artistic outlet. You can help support them by buying the art they create for a reasonable price. Blank Canvas Cafe is decorated with this art as well as art from other local artists. The menu focuses on bright flavors and wholesome ingredients. Their dishes are colorful, healthy, and provide unexpected flavor combinations, like a Watermelon Gazpacho. A notable feature is their Fig and Peach Salad with creamy goat cheese and rosemary infused almonds. Paninis are their most popular sellers. Stephanie, the artistic director, recommends her favorite, The Poblano. Itís made with asparagus, chicken, spinach, and spicy poblano goat cheese pesto. For dessert, treat yourself to their addicting cream cheese sugar and chocolate coconut cookies.Blank Canvas Cafe frequently hosts events and parties. You can host your own ìcork and canvasî party where you can enjoy a leisurely painting session and a glass of wine. They also host events featuring live music and local artists. When you go to Blank Canvas Cafe, you are not only enjoying tasty food, you are supporting a great cause and getting to interact with under-served members of the community. Check it out for amazing food, art, and culture!

103 Wahsatch Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80903