Blue and Gray Bar & Grill, Gettysburg PA | Merchant Profile

The Blue and Gray Bar & Grill in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania pays homage to the famous Battle at Gettysburg in the Civil War with itís creative name and menu. Keith Putters is the mastermind behind the restaurant and also owns and operates the place. Itís truly a family affair as Keithís wife and parents also help out working in the restaurant. Blue & Gray Bar and Grill opened in April of 2012 and has gained a wonderful reputation within the community since. They donít look to target one certain audience, but instead have made an environment where everyone is welcome no matter your age or background.   The Blue and Gray Bar & Grill has a really cool menu with some dishes that are named after generals who fought in Gettysburg. Everything is made from scratch using the freshest and finest ingredients. The menu is full of elevated bar food that you really wonít find anywhere else. One of Keithís favorite appetizers is the Tuna Bites that is made with sushi grade Ahi tuna grilled or blackened served with a sweet soy reduction and Cajun remoulade. The wings at Blue and Gray are a very popular choice amongst customers. Thereís about twenty-three different sauces to choose from that really bring out great flavors instead of just burning your mouth.   Another favorite are their Battlefield Burgers, which are all named after generals of the Union and Confederate Armies. Even the ingredients used on each burger are specific to the general itís named after. On the Union side, the General George Meade is a popular pick. The burger is grilled to your liking topped with their juicy Philly cheesesteak, creamy Cheese Whiz, onions, and peppers. On the Confederate side, the General James Longstreet is a fun choice topped with bacon, caramelized onions, and creamy peanut butter. Donít let the peanut butter scare you, when it melts onto the burger it adds a delicious sweet and salty touch! The restaurant also has a full bar with great drinks and spirits that compliment any meal!   The atmosphere of the restaurant is warm and lively with TVs always playing sporting and other special events. The staff is friendly and attentive and will work hard to ensure you have the perfect experience. Itís Keithís favorite part of the business is meeting all kinds of people and getting to know his customers. Once you walk through the doors youíre treated like family. So, the next time youíre looking for a fun and unique experience complimented by great food and drinks, look no further than Blue and Gray Bar & Grill ñ you wonít be disappointed!

2 Baltimore St
Gettysburg, PA 17325