Blue Sky Restaurant, Campbell CA | Merchant Profile

Comfortably situated in Campbell, Blue Sky Restaurant has become a staple in the area, providing top notch Chinese food for the past fifty years. Earning its spot as a cornerstone in the area, the restaurant prides itself on its long term success, continuing to garner attention year after year. Owner Jenny came to the states just six years ago and after taking over three years ago, has seamlessly implemented her style into the  already welcoming environment, always looking to improve more and more. Having won the Best Chinese Restaurant in Silicon Valley for the past two years, the food speaks for itself, and is certainly worth a try while in the area.The cuisine is of the utmost authenticity and the fact the restaurant has been around for so long can attest to the quality of each dish. The Tangerine Chicken is one of the top choices, as well as the Sweet and Sour Pork, and the Mongolian Beef. The secret recipes the chef uses are what makes Blue Sky so Unique yet so rich in flavor and that is why they are regarded as the best of the best. The dishes all range from Spicy, Tangy, Sweet, and Sour, always seeking to adhere to everyone’s taste. All of the dishes are made to order and are of the highest quality, putting freshness as a top priority for their customers to indulge in. The service brings everything full circle, and the staff at Blue Sky Restaurant encompass what it means to have a welcoming experience. The setting is elegant, and provides a comfortable outing for all situations. Manager Ricky and his team make all of their customers feel like guests in the family oriented location, and stopping by guarantees the best all around experience possible. The restaurant offers space for private parties and is a perfect option for those who just want a great meal at an affordable price. After being named the best Chinese restaurant in the area, coming and eating at Blue Sky is a no brainer, and will surely provide a memorable experience.

2028 Winchester Blvd.
Campbell, CA 95008