BlueSea, San Jose CA | Merchant Profile

Established in September of 2014, BlueSea quickly became the go-to neighborhood Asian Fusion restaurant. 22 years ago, the owner Johnny and his family came over to America from Vietnam. Both Johnnyís parents have always been in the restaurant industry, but Johnny worked in finance as a mortgage consultant. One day, Johnny and his parents decided to open a restaurant together, tired of working for other people.This is a true family owned and operated establishment – they cook for the customers exactly the way they would cook at home. Johnny strongly believes that food and service goes hand in hand. BlueSea is dedicated to offering great, friendly customer service.In the beginning, BlueSea was a seafood-themed restaurant, but shortly evolved into a ìone stop shopî type of restaurant. From their famous shabu-shabu to steak, BlueSea offers many different types of cuisine in a convenient location. One of the most popular menu items at BlueSea is the delicious Kobe Beef Pho. All of their broths, whether for the ëPhoí, ëShabu-Shabuí or ëHot Potí, are all slow cooked for 24 hours and use nothing but fresh ingredients. The ëShabu-Shabuí is a Thai Tom Yum broth, a fusion of sweet and savory, with a variety of cook-it-yourself toppings like fillet mignon and Kobe beef. Each day fresh oysters are offered at the ëSeafood Barí, which is a hot attraction at the restaurant. Lastly, the ëPoke Bowlí is a must try – it is so good that some customers come in daily for it. BlueSea is working their way to offering a full bar, and currently serve beer, wine, soju, sake and champagne. The gorgeous blue lighting at BlueSea supports the ambiance of being at the sea. At BlueSea, there is at least one new dish every week so you will never get bored.

1631 N Capitol Ave
San Jose, CA 95132