Bolat African Cuisine, Chicago IL | Merchant Profile

Bolat African Cuisine has successfully introduced African food to the Chicagoland area and the owner, Emmanuel Abieemi, is thrilled he is able to share his culture with the city. Hailing from Nigeria, Emmanuel seeks to deliver the most authentic African food possible, importing as many of the ingredients that he can. An upscale design, Bolat has a very warm, welcoming environment and provides an ambiance that other restaurants in the area do not have. The food matches the nice setting, and the rich flavors provide a delicious insight into African Culture. With excellent customer service, Bolat African Cuisine is one of the premiere restaurants in the area.Using fresh, authentic ingredients, Bolatís menu serves exotic yet familiar dishes that are sure to  not disappoint. One of Emmanuelís favorites is the Braised Ox Tail which is served with Fried Plantains and Spinach. The meal provides a gamy yet very savory flavor that balances itself with the sweetness of the plantains. Bolat also serves a Jamaican Jerk Chicken, which is either drumsticks or chicken breasts paired on top of Nigerian coconut rice and a fried plantain. The restaurant also offers Tilapia which is made with their Homemade Tilapia Sauce. Being from Africa, Emmanuel has made it a top priority to provide a cultural experience for his patrons. He uses the restaurant as a means to communicate to people what the African culture is all about. It allows him to invite people to learn because food is a large reflection of a culture. It is because of this that Emmanuel takes pride in how each dish tastes. The location has murals and paintings on the walls to also lend a hand in creating an experience for the customers to enjoy. Located at 3346 N. Clark Street, Bolat African Cuisine also offers catering for weddings as well as any corporate events. They provide staff for catering and also host private events to those who are interested. If delivery or takeout is preferred, they do offer that as well.

3346 N. Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60657