Bonchon, Newark CA | Merchant Profile

Bonchon Restaurant is a Korean Fusion type restaurant located in Newark, California. Owner Grace Ko and her husband went into the Bonchon chicken business because they have always loved Bonchon chicken and wanted to share that love with other people. Bonchon chicken is relatively new on the West Coast and Ko thinks it has the potential to become more and more popular with residents.The Ko couple prides themselves on the simplicity of their menu and of their kitchen operations. Because the process of making their dishes lies more on the simple side, their kitchen is very efficient and leads for speedy service regardless if it is for dining-in or a take-out order. Bonchon can seat about 50 people and is known to have a long line and waiting list on the weekends.Bonchonís most popular dish is their fried chicken. They have spicy fried chicken as well as soy garlic fried chicken. The soy garlic fried chicken is more frequently ordered than the spicy fried chicken because most customers cannot handle the spiciness of the dish. Another popular dish besides their fried chicken, is their salmon avocado balls. These balls are the perfect mix of flavor and will satisfy anyoneís taste buds.All dishes made at Bonchon are freshly made and sauced. The unique taste of their chicken sets them apart from other fried chicken restaurants. Bonchon is able to take fried chicken to the next level and will show the west coast what all the rave is about.

39770 Cedar Blvd
Newark, CA 94560