Boostan Cafe, Hamtramck MI | Merchant Profile

Boostan Cafe opened in October 2015 in Hamtramck, Michigan by owner Farhan Najar. This is a Mediterranean restaurant with a spin on it. After being in the restaurant business since he was 18, Najar realized that there are many people who want to eat healthy food but do not want to spend time waiting for it. Because of that, he came up with Boostan Cafe. At Boostan Cafe, they offer smaller portion sizes for lower prices than the classic Americanized portion size. The majority of the business from Boostan Cafe is takeout. Because making healthy food quickly is a large part of the cafe, many people will just take food to go instead of dining in. The reduced portion size cooks much faster even if it is just a difference of 1 oz. This small difference is revolutionizing the restaurant industry for healthy food.One of the most popular dishes ordered is the Chicken Kabob. This chicken kabob is white chicken marinated and soaked in olive oil, garlic, fresh juices, and oregano sauce overnight. The next day the meat is grilled and extra sauces are added to it. Their falafel is also frequently ordered, as well as their fresh fruit smoothies. Because the majority of business is takeout, reservations are not needed because there is usually seat availability. This new concept is becoming more popular as more and more people are gaining the desire to make healthy dining choices. Najar has started something that is going to take the city of Hamtramck by storm and leave people healthier and happier.

3470 Holbrook Ave
Hamtramck, MI 48212