Borrelli’s Italian Deli, Methuen MA | Merchant Profile

Carrying a vast history that dates back to 1968, Borrelliís Italian Deli has rightfully earned its niche, becoming a household name that rings bells for locals and visitors alike. The location was originally a small business owned by Louie Borrelli, and after ten years, current owner Don Smeriglio took on the culinary powerhouse and hasn’t looked back since. Having been in the business with an extensive chef background his entire life, he uses his expertise to fuel Borrelliís each and every day with the utmost quality and consistency. He has kept the deli true to its roots and has done so flawlessly, his efforts are prevalent in each dish and the quality is top notch, making Borelliís a must while visiting the area. From top to bottom the location has something for everyone, offering an extensive menu that hits the nail on the head, offering authentic Italian as well as delicious comfort foods. The widely renowned Italian sausage is where Borrelliís really shines, made in house and offering five different types to indulge in. The choices include, Sweet Italian, Spicy Italian, Tomato and Cheese, Garlic Tomato and Cheese, as well as a Loaded option. Going beyond that, the restaurant also provides Chicken or Eggplant Parmesan, a fan favorite that has guests coming back time after time. The location derives a lot of the ingredients from a farm about a half mile down the street, ensuring the highest quality and consistency with each visit. Everything is made from scratch in house, and the team at Borrelliís pride themselves on their quality and consistency.The dishes are served in a hearty portion, guaranteeing satisfaction, and the affordability brings everything full circle. The genuine homemade food paired with the homey atmosphere lends a nostalgia that can only be experienced at Borrelliís making it a great dining experience to enjoy.

322 Merrimack St.
Methuen, MA 01833