Braise Restaurant & Culinary School, Milwaukee WI | Merchant Profile

When it comes to finding delicious, locally sourced food in Milwaukee, Braise runs in a league of its own. Everything about this establishment is unique. Braise is so much more than just a restaurant; itís a culinary school, a food-providing and environment-saving green roof, and a quality food home delivery program. Owner David Swanson is a French-trained chef dedicated to providing local ingredients and teaching people to reconnect with their food.Braise itself is located in an old Miller Brewing Company tied house built in 1907. In 1942, an addition was built to accommodate a four lane bowling alley. Today, that bowling alley is Braiseís dining room, kitchen and culinary school, and the bowling lanes were used for tables and countertops in the restaurant. The subfloor from the bowling alley is used in the bar and main dining room. Braise is not about letting anything go to waste.At Braise there are two floors; the main floor holds the dining room and bar area, whereas upstairs can accommodate private and corporate events for up to 40 people. Additionally, the green roof is perfect for parties for up to 90 people; it has its own bar, bathroom and kitchen and is completely private from the rest of the restaurant.Braise is famous for their ëPork Bunsí that have been on their menu since their opening in December of 2011. A steamed bun filled with crispy pork, topped with a scallion vinaigrette and spicy peanuts, is a ìvery international dish but goes well with flavors you can find in the local Wisconsin landscapeî states Swanson. Braiseís ëSmoked Trout Parfaití is also a crowd favorite. Fresh from the rushing waters of Palmyra, Wisconsin, the trout is smoked in-house and crafted into a parfait.Braiseís culinary school on premise is dedicated to teaching their students about local food. Semesters at Braise is a ten-week boot camp that teaches everything from knife skills to wine pairing; bread and pastry making to pasta making. Braise culminates the ten-week course by having students cook for friends and family in Braiseís kitchen to present their new skills. Braise also offers one time Braise Basics classes that are perfect for date nights and visiting food enthusiasts. You can sign up online through Braiseís website and spend a few hours to learn how to make bread, pastries, and other delicacies.As the only restaurant in the midwest with a green roof, Braise makes excellent use of it. The green roof serves three purposes. First and foremost, every year it yields between 600 and 700 pounds of greens, herbs and vegetables. Next, it saves on energy by reducing heating and air-conditioning costs. Additionally, it reduces the amount of water that is put into the drain system. The green roof can hold 2,000 gallons of water, so after a heavy rain, that water is used for crops and not sent off to Lake Michigan as waste water.Braise Restaurant Supported Agriculture provides fresh fruit and vegetables to other restaurants in the Milwaukee area. Not only does Braise want to serve locally sourced produce in their own restaurant, but they make it easily accessible for other members of the community. Braise Home Delivery program even delivers fresh, local products directly to the consumer. Essentially whatever you can find shopping farmerís market can be delivered right to your door. The Home Delivery Program will even deliver finished meals that can be put in the oven and served up within a half hour. This option is perfect for busy individuals that want to provide their families with healthy, organic, hormone-free meals.With their restaurant, culinary school, green roof and RSA and Home Delivery program, Braise strongly upholds a holistic view of local foods.

1101 S 2nd St
Milwaukee, WI 53204