Brasas Peru, Franklin Square NY | Merchant Profile

Taking Peruvian cuisine and holding it to a higher standard, Brasas Peru has become a household name in the Franklin Square area. Owner Pierre Ocharan has taken his passion and uses it as fuel to power the culinary powerhouse, and in doing so, has gained widespread notoriety. The food hits the nail on the head, everything is made to order, and the fresh options promise a quality and genuine experience time after time. Having extensive knowledge in American cuisine, Pierre has derived this concept from his mother’s Peruvian recipes and the authenticity is bar none, the menu is nothing short of impressive from top to bottom.Pierre maintains the classic Peruvian style but elevates it using his own twists. Doing so flawlessly, each item is a classic that wins the hearts of customers on a regular basis. The Rotisserie Chicken is where the restaurant really shines, the dish is marinated for two days, and produces an entree that is tender and rich in flavor. The Lomo Saltado is another popular dish to indulge in, crafted with beef, soy sauce, spices, red onions, parsley, and tomatoes, served with rice. No matter the instance, Pierre prides himself on having something for everyone, and he does so to the highest degree.Pierre is meticulous in his efforts, always playing close attention to detail in the product he is delivering out of his kitchen. The menu is smaller than most restaurants, but this can attest to the quality that is sought after in putting great dishes to the forefront. The restaurant is a true representation of the Peruvian culture, and the staff at the restaurant bring everything full circle, providing an intimate and welcoming environment. Stopping in is a must and the dishes are sure to wow any visitor in the Franklin Square area.

673 Franklin Ave.
Franklin Square, NY 11010