Brass Monkey, Providence RI | Merchant Profile

Brass Monkey was opened by long time friends Kim, John, and Oscar. The three are restaurant veterans, who have worn many hats in the industry. They wanted to open a place that appealed to everyone. Their crowd ranges from local business, neighborhood families, sports fans, and many more. Music is an important factor in this concept. Kim says they love to play a variety of music styles they play to change up the vibe. The name Brass Monkey comes from the brass plate called the "Monkey", that would stack 30 iron cannon balls in a pyramid next to the cannon on a battleship.Soul food Sundays are big at Brass Monkey, where specials like mac and cheese and chicken and waffles are very popular. Another menu feature is Eddiís Mame (edimame), which is a recipe created by Oscarís girlfried, Eddi. Many of the chefís are Johnson and Waleís students. The owners like to give them a chance to showcase their creativity in their cooking with weekly specials. Brass Monkey is also home of the American Outlaws soccer organization. They even have an ìOutlaw Burgerî made with PB&J and bacon.Parties and events are welcome at Brass Monkey in their function room which can hold around 50 people. There are TVs available in the room and throughout the restaurant for meeting use, or to watch games. They also hold their own special events like Tuesday paint night and Wednesday trivia. Check out Brass Monkey for good food and good fun!

800 Allens Ave
Providence, RI 02905