Brass Pointe, Farmington MI | Merchant Profile

Brass Pointe has been delighting Farmington Hills, Michigan, with delicious home-style food since 1985. The Mihajlovski family opened their first restaurant in 1981, but remodeled and renamed it in 1985; it has been Brass Pointe ever since. Kosta Mihajlovski literally grew up in his dadís restaurant, and is currently the General Manager. He learned a lot from the family business ñ how to be patient with staff, that every single person is different, and that nothing comes easy, you have to work for it. He also learned a bit about scrumptious food and spectacular service.Brass Pointe offers a very comfortable atmosphere and generous proportions. Kosta promises, ìNo matter what you order in this restaurant, you will not leave hungry.î Brass Pointe is known for their ribs, both the smoked Baby Back and the rotisserie St. Louis Style, that have been the same since day one. They use the same supplier, same seasoning, heck, even the same machine!At Brass Pointe, they recommend you call ahead for reservations for parties of six or more, especially on the weekends. Brass Pointe also does parties and events in their private party room, for up to 60 guests. As long as the room is available, they will accommodate you ñ even on short notice. If you are looking for great comfort food and friendly people at a mom and pop restaurant, head on over to Brass Pointe.

24234 Orchard Lake Rd
Farmington, MI 48336