Brazil Express Churrasco Grill, Schaumburg IL | Merchant Profile

ìThis restaurant is not just a business it is a passion. There is no other Brazilian Steakhouse like ours in Illinois.î    When Ana Santos opened her own Brazilian restaurant in 2012, she was finally fulfilling her dream of owning her own business and she was not going to waste her chance. Ana grew up in Brazil and always had an entrepreneurial passion, but her home lacked opportunity. She moved to the Chicagoland area and worked very hard behind the scenes in big restaurants doing different types of support work in payroll and administration. As the recession intensified, Ana and her husband felt the mounting pressure and gained the determination and strength to open up their own restaurant and fulfill their own passion of business ownership. That’s how Brazil Express Churrasco Grill was born. And at opening, they helped the local community in a time of need by creating over 20 new jobs. Originally the concept was centered around delicious cuisine in with a more express dining experience. As more and more diners began trying the juicy meats and asked to sample even more of the meat choices during their meal, Ana and her husband enhanced the restaurant experience. Today diners can sample and savor all the delicious meat options instead of just picking one or two. A favorite at Brazil Express is the top sirloin. It is grilled in a unique way that emphasizes the meat’s flavor and preserves its juiciness. The Brazilian style of grilling and the fresh ingredients keep guests coming back for more. For travelers, Brazil Express offers the finest quality of meat. Health conscious travelers in particular will appreciate the non-greasy and fresh ingredients. Ana and Mario have a dream to make Brazilian food more popular and they want to do so by reaching as many new customers as possible. They are well on their way with Brazil Express Churrasco Grill. Come sample it for yourself!

1045 S Roselle Rd
Schaumburg, IL 60193