Breakaway, Danvers MA | Merchant Profile

Immersing guests into a qualitative experience that can only be found at this location, Breakaway has taken historical significance and raised it to a higher standard. Owner Joe Crowley has implemented a diverse concept that hits the nail on the head in all areas. From the music to the food, everything complements each other to the highest degree, and in doing so, has attributed to the popularity Joe and his team have attained. Just surpassing their first year in business, the widespread notoriety from Breakaway is nothing short of remarkable, and the team at the multifunction facility continue to raise it to greater heights. The name pays homage to exactly what Joe has aimed to do, provide a place for people to simply Breakaway, making it a must try while in the area. The location√≠s food options are certainly held to a higher standard, Joe sources fresh ingredients to ensure quality and consistency time after time. Implementing a brick oven, the pizza is where the location really shines, crafting the best of the best in the Danvers area. Options include thin crust as well as Sicilian style with a host of toppings to customize to each preference. The entrees are a fantastic to say the least, providing upscale options like Luciano Chicken, a chicken cutlet with ziti and broccoli covered in their house alfredo sauce. No matter the instance, from classic pub food, to top notch dinners, Breakaway has something for everyone and is sure to adhere to all palates. To bring it all full circle, the entertainment is why people come far and wide to pay Breakaway a visit. Five days a week they have something to offer whether that be open mic night, acoustic, live bands, or their Sunday country music. The location also houses a large event space that is perfect for weddings, birthdays, you name it. Above all else, Breakaway is more than getting something to eat, it takes an experience as a whole and drives it to the forefront, providing a perfect outing while in the area.  

221 Newbury St. Rte 1 N
Danvers, MA 01923