Brick Kitchen & Bar, Carlisle PA | Merchant Profile

Taking a simple concept and taking it up a notch, Brick Kitchen & Bar provides a top notch service at an affordable price. The experience immerses customers into an upscale yet unpretentious atmosphere that holds comfort and consistency to the highest priority. Owner Mark Bricker hits the nail on the head with this concept, encapsulating a true dining experience that simply cannot be found anywhere else in the area. The chef driven menu takes the American cuisine to new heights and the efforts put forth into crafting the best of the best are nothing short of impressive. From top to bottom, the entire Brick Kitchen & Bar encapsulates exactly what the area needed and has become a must for locals and visitors alike. The small menu pays close attention to quality and consistency, and the meticulous effort to produce fresh ingredients and making everything from scratch shows the true efforts Mark and his team put forth. Paying attention to detail, none of the food is frozen and holding the menu options to a higher standard proves the quality Brick Kitchen puts forth. The most popular dish, the Fish Tacos, are crafted with Grilled White Fish, Tomatoes, Lettuce, Cilantro, Sriracha and Yum Yum sauce. The combination between the two sauces provides for a perfect mixture and they compliment each other to the utmost degree. The options also include their delicious Reuben, The Salmon Club, and the Lobster Roll, and above all else, the restaurant has something to adhere to everyoneís palateBringing everything full circle, Markís wife runs the bar and does so flawlessly. Her signature cocktails raise the bar experience to new heights, crafting everything herself, and using fresh ingredients for customers to indulge in. Treating it as an art form, the presentation compliments the flavor, and her drinks set the tone for a perfect night. No syrups or powders are used and her genuine care and attention to detail separates the experience from any other restaurant in the area. No matter the instance Brick Kitchen & Bar has something for everyone and stopping in not only guarantees a quality experience, but a memorable one.

113 W. High St.
Carlisle, PA 17013