Brick Oven on the Ave, Lake Worth FL | Merchant Profile

Taking standard pizza options to the next level, Brick Oven Pizza on the Ave has taken what would normally be expected from a pizza place and elevates it to new heights. Owner Marcin Lyczkowski has held his menu to a higher standard, putting quality and consistency at the forefront and keeping a genuine, trustworthy experience as a top priority. Doing so flawlessly, the restaurant has only been open for eight months but has still solidified itself as a cornerstone to the area nonetheless. The location has gained widespread notoriety for their fresh and quality ingredients and not taking any shortcuts in adhering to the customerís desires, making it a must while in the area. The location houses a classic brick oven, making the pizza simply the best of the best when considering a location to dine in. Cooking the pizzas at a high temperature for a short period of time achieves the utmost crispiness on a regular basis, and pair that with the freshest ingredients, creates an experience in and of itself. The signature selections are always worth giving a try, providing options like the Clams White Pizza, Stuffed Pizza, Grandma Style, and Penne Aí La Vodka . No matter the instance, Brick Oven Pizza has something for everyone and the options are limitless.The desserts bring the meal full circle, providing freshly made options that are reason enough to stop in and give the food a try. The location always has sixteen fresh pies for customers to choose from, rotating the options regularly. The restaurant also serves wine and beer for customers to indulge in and the outdoor seating is perfect to enjoy the entire experience that Marcin and his team aim to encompass. Stopping in not only guarantees a quality experience but a memorable one, and is a must while in the area.

726 Lake Ave.
Lake Worth, FL 33460