Brooklyn’s Original Pizza, Delray Beach FL | Merchant Profile

Taking true New York style food and transporting it to the heart of Delray, Brooklynís Original Pizza raises the bar on what would normally be expected of similar restaurants and holds it to a higher standard. Owner Arthur Sargsyan has been in the industry since he came to the states at the young age of fourteen. Learning the industry from top to bottom, he started crafting pizzas and gained a vast knowledge of the culinary expertise it takes to surpass the typical chains and replicators. Doing so seamlessly, he perfected the craft and used it as fuel to drive the culinary powerhouse known as Brooklyn’s Original. Deriving his knowledge from living in Queens, the menu carries the utmost authenticity when considering the name and the chef driven options. The style stays true to the northeast, and Arthurís options do not lack in quality in any category. Learning from the experts when he was young has shaped him into the consistent restaurateur that he is today, and his technique is prevalent in each dish that comes out of the kitchen. The pizza is an obvious must try, cooked to perfection with the freshest ingredients. The location also has a full menu, sporting everything from Veal to Seafood, as well as fresh Subs. Placing quality and consistency of the highest importance is what separates the restaurant from the competition. The genuine and trustworthy nature bring the whole experience full circle, and the New York style decor is an added touch that makes the ambiance perfect. Everything is made from scratch, ensuring a genuine and trustworthy experience with each visit. The family owned and operated atmosphere can attest to the warm and welcoming environment Brooklynís has to offer and stopping in has customers always being treated like guests above all else.

3025 S. Federal Hwy.
Delray Beach, FL 33483