Bucci Brick Oven, Cleveland OH | Merchant Profile

To find Buccis Brick Oven pizzas, you have to head into Middleburg Heights, Ohio. Every other Buccis restaurant touts its own reputation and style. Brick Oven Pizza and Italian Restaurant Middleburg Hts., Ohio. In Rocky River it offers steak and seafood and at the JBella location, fine dining and event catering is Buccis style, but in Middleburg Heights you have an authentic, homestyle wood-burning oven that creates pizzas worth multiple trips back. The menu hosts two classic pizzas; the Bianca and the Margherita. The Bianca is nothing more than the delicious ingredients of extra virgin olive oil, fresh herbs and mozzarella cheese, while the Margherita adds fresh sauce to mozzarella cheese and basil. After that, the pizza menu is up to you. Add your toppings from the gourmet section and pick from artichoke hearts, feta cheese or prosciutto ham. Or go for classic toppings like pepperoni, bell peppers or mushrooms.

13373 Smith Rd
Cleveland, OH 44130