Burger Village, Great Neck NY | Merchant Profile

Burger Village is a family owned and operated restaurant that is run by four brothers who believe in serving high-quality, healthy food. Each brother has worked in the food industry for more than fifteen years and has gained great skills and knowledge in the business. The brothers wanted to come up with a healthy food concept that customers would enjoy just as much as regular, unhealthy food and as a result Burger Village was born.Burger Village is an environmentally conscious restaurant that uses 100% organic ingredients. Burger Villageís beef is 100% grass fed and humanely pasture raised. Everything is sourced locally to support local communities and to guarantee freshness.Burger Village also offers exotic meats besides beef like bison, elk, ostrich, lamb, and grilled chicken. They even have three different kinds of veggie burgers, including a salmon burger, to pick from for vegetarian options. Because many of their ingredients are exotic, Burger Village uses their expertise to select the perfect toppings for each meat or patty in order to bring out the best flavors in the dish.Any of Burger Villageís meats can be used to create a beautiful salad as well. All of their meats are lean and healthy. The beef is 85% lean meat with only 15% fat, the bison is 90% lean meat with only 10% fat, and the ostrich is the most healthy with 95% lean meat and only 5% fat! Burger Village is a kid-friendly restaurant featuring a kidís menu full of recognizable dishes for them to choose from.Burger Village offers gluten-free options for those with dietary restrictions. They have a fryer that is designated only for gluten-free foods to avoid any cross contamination. The French fries are also made in 100% rice bran oil instead of peanut oil because it is healthier and avoids any problems for people with peanut allergies.In addition to Burger Villageís amazing food, they feature a full bar stocked with great drinks. All the drinks served at Burger Village are 100% natural and handcrafted. They offer soda that is handmade and completely natural without any added syrups and is made with natural sugar cane. Burger Village even serves milkshakes that are made from 100% organic ice cream. To add flavor to the milkshakes and other drinks, Burger Village exclusively uses fresh fruit instead of fruit flavored syrups that are made with high-fructose corn syrup.The dÈcor and entire establishment is also eco friendly. All the decorations and furnishings are made from reclaimed and recycled woods. The straws at Burger Village are even environmentally friendly because they are made from plants. Burger Villageís to-go boxes and cups are all biodegradable as well in order to protect the environment.

66 Middle Neck Rd
Great Neck, NY 11021