Burnt Rice, San Jose CA | Merchant Profile

Michael and Kristal, a dynamic brother and sister team, opened the popular Burnt Rice in 2013. A menu of American and Korean fusion cuisine, Michael and Kristal feature classic American dishes with a twist of their motherís homemade Korean style cooking. Michael and Kristal often will collaborate with their mom and siblings for new ideas. Awarded for their fresh take on Korean cuisine, Burnt Rice was voted best new restaurant by Metro readers in 2013, only a month after opening. Even though Burnt Rice is famous for their Grubhub award winning kalbi beef dish, vegetarians will also have plenty of options as tofu can be substituted in any meal that features meat or poultry.Grubhub voted Burnt Rice for best kalbi beef in the area. If you are a Korean cuisine enthusiast, then donít miss out on the ëLA Style Kalbi Beef.í The dish features Korean short ribs, grilled after being marinated for two days in their motherís secret marinade recipe. Try the ëBurnt Rice BBB,í ëBBBí being short for bibimbap ñ a traditional Korean style dish, served in a hot stone bowl. For a crazy delicious and unique meal, order the Gangnao Fries, a fusion dish featuring housemade cajun seasoned fries, nacho cheese sauce, kimchi, and green onion.In a sea of nothing but traditional Korean restaurants, Burnt Rice is a blend of modern and traditional and offers something for everyone at all ages. The menu also features beer, wine, sake, and Soju cocktails with flavors such as lychee and strawberry. There is rotating beers on draft and ëPint Nights.í If you come in on ëPint Night,í which is the second Tuesday of every month, you can order a pint of beer and keep the glass.

121 Curtner Ave
San Jose, CA 95125