Buster’s Bistro, Sanford FL | Merchant Profile

Paul Buster, a Belgium native, visited America in 1994 for the FIFA World Cup. He immediately fell in love with the country and wanted to open a Belgian beer bar. At the time, it just wasnít possible; no one was importing Belgian beer and craft beer was not popular yet. As the craft beer scene took off and Belgian beer started to be imported, it was Paul was finally able to live out his dream.Busterís Bistro started out small, but quickly outgrew their space and moved to a location that would provide more room and a full kitchen. Buster’s Bistro offers mainly traditional Belgian fare and recently added some more American items to their menu. Busterís Bistro offers 22 drafts and around 80 different bottled Belgian or Belgian-style beers. They also create three draft cocktails! These three cocktails are made in large batches and put into soda kegs that run through a draft system, so they are perfectly consistent and carbonated every time. The draft ëLemon Dropí, is made from completely from scratch with craft vodka, raw lemons, simple syrup and triple sec. The ëRum and Cokeí is made with Stonewall Molasses rum and the ëGin and Tonicí uses Tylerís City Of London Dry Gin. The ëBig Smack Burgerí is a popular choice; two patties, mozzarella cheese, raw onions, pickles, and their samurai sauce, made from pureed veggies, ketchup, mayo, and hot sauce. Busterís Bistro specializes in French fries. A two-day process from start to finish, they peel, cut, soak, blanch, cool overnight, and fry again to get them perfectly crisp. Made from scratch, they peel 600 pounds of potatoes a week by hand! The ëBoulettesí is a customer favorite – meatballs tossed in homemade jaeger sauce, a creamy tomato pepper blend. The ëFlemish Carbonnadeí, Belgian-style stew made with pork, onions, gingerbread, mustard, and beer – and the ëBelgian Goulashí, fresh pork, onions, paprika, peppers and red wine, are both popular traditional Belgian entrees served with fries. Everyone at Busterís Bistro takes pride in what they do. They want each and every customer to leave as a friend.

302 Sanford Ave
Sanford, FL 32771