Byblos Cafe and Grill, Redford MI | Merchant Profile

Byblos CafÈ and Grill has three locations in Michigan and they were founded by Brian. He was 14 years old when he started in the restaurant business and then went to culinary school in Lebanon and France. For a period of time, Brian was the personal chef for the prince of Kuwait and decided that he wanted to be able to make his own recipes for a restaurant of his own. After coming back to America, Brian decided to open Byblos on October 2nd, 2004. Lebanon, French and American cooking styles are merged together in order to make Byblos.One of the most popular dishes offered at Byblos is the chicken shawarma. This dish is unique to Byblos in that they put lettuce in it, along with garlic sauce and fresh pickle. Another popular dish at Byblos is the Tabbouleh, which is finely chopped parsley, onions, cracked wheat and tomatoes tossed in their house dressing.Brian runs his restaurant with the mantra that ìlife is not only about work.î In saying so, he likes the locations of his restaurants to be close to college campuses and mostly has college students for his clientele. Brian likes to change and update his menu every 2-3 years in order to keep his business evolving. In future years, he hopes to make it a franchise as well. Byblos takes reservations for larger parties but there are usually seats available, especially on the weekdays.Brian enjoys creating his own recipes, as well as personally cooking them. He likes being able to make dishes that are only unique to Byblos and cannot be found at other Lebanese restaurants. At Byblos, the dishes served are meals that the chefs would serve to their own families. This family style fusion restaurant has a bright future and is continuing to expand their unique flavor.

27206 Grand River
Redford, MI 48240