C.B. Hannegan’s, Los Gatos CA | Merchant Profile

C.B. Hanneganís was opened in 1980 by friends Chris Benson and John Hannegan in Los Gatos, California. C.B. Hanneganís is a comfortable and familiar Irish pub, and it has a selection of more than 30 single-malts from regions in Scotland. The most popular dishes at C. B. Hannegan’s are its classic burger and soup combinations. They also have great meatloaf and fresh fish that are frequently ordered. One unique trait about C.B. Hanneganís is they have both cold and hot sandwiches available. The portion sizes are large and always end up giving one leftovers for the next day.The staff at C.B. Hanneganís is very friendly and most employees have worked there for many years. The staff knows many of their customers and have good relationships with them, therefore giving C.B. Hanneganís a comfortable feel to it. C.B. Hanneganís has an extensive bar and is known for their cocktails. They are also known for other drinks such as Irish coffee.C.B. Hanneganís is known for itís huge St. Patrickís Day block party that is held every March 17th, regardless of what day of the week the date falls on. Owners say ìitís not easy having this much fun.î It is clear that when one walks into C.B. Hanneganís that they are not only going there to eat, but they are going there for a feel good dining experience.

208 Bachman Ave
Los Gatos, CA 95030