Cabbage Patch Cafe, Grosse Pointe Park MI | Merchant Profile

The Cabbage Patch CafÈ is a cozy restaurant that focuses on using wholesome and fresh ingredients to create their delicious, vibrant cuisine. Pam Dziedzic is the owner and founder of Cabbage Patch CafÈ. She has worked in the food industry as a caterer for over 20 years and has established a wonderful reputation in the community. In May of 2016 the Cabbage Patch CafÈ will be celebrating their third year in business. The Cabbage Patch CafÈ got its name from the history of the land that itís located on. Many years ago the area was actually a cabbage farm that garnered the nickname the cabbage patch. Pam decided to play off this fact while incorporating the communityís past. The Cabbage Patch CafÈís logo is a monogram that mixes both modern and old styles. Itís easy to see that the Cabbage Patch CafÈ values tradition as well as new creative ideas.  The Cabbage Patch CafÈ serves both breakfast and lunch as well as succulent baked goods. One of the most popular items of the menu is the Birds Nest that has quickly become the house specialty. The Birds Nest is an over-easy egg nestled in a puff pastry and is available in either a Benedict or Florentine style. The Benedict style comes layered with ham and Hollandaise sauce whereas the Florentine style comes with cheese and spinach on top. When it comes to their baked goods, Cabbage Patch CafÈ is known for their delicious scones. The recipe they use to create the scones is an old recipe that has remained untouched to this day. Something unique that the Cabbage Patch CafÈ offers is their fantastic take-out dinners. They are made fresh daily and the meals change weekly. After you enjoy lunch at the cafÈ itís a great idea to grab a take-out dinner to enjoy a fresh, home cooked meal that night. The Cabbage Patch CafÈ also offers freshly prepared hot dinners three nights a week that are available after 5:00 PM.  Along with running the Cabbage Patch CafÈ, Pam continues to provide catering for countless business and personal accounts. The Cabbage Patch CafÈ actually fits perfectly into her catering career because they are a full-service caterer. They provide both onsite and offsite catering and customers may even reserve the entire Cabbage Patch CafÈ as a venue for special events or parties. The food is all made from scratch with the highest quality ingredients to ensure customer satisfaction. The Cabbage Patch CafÈ takes reservations and is closed Sundays. The restaurant is the perfect spot to grab a hearty breakfast or a quick lunch. It has been newly renovated creating an energetic and welcoming atmosphere. There is also outdoor seating for guests to enjoy their meal in good weather. Whether youíre craving a flavorful meal, delicious sweets, or just come in to pick up a dinner to go, the Cabbage Patch CafÈ has got you covered!

15110 Kercheval Avenue
Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48230