Cacao Tree Cafe, Royal Oak MI | Merchant Profile

In October 2010, Amber Kapoor established Cacao Tree Cafe in Royal Oak. Amber had over 12 years of experience as the chef and front of the house manager at a popular vegetarian restaurant. She wanted to open her own restaurant that had a more raw and vegan focus. Cacao Tree Cafe is an entirely vegan juice bar and cafe. Cacao Tree Cafe absolutely has a segment of customers that live the devoted vegan lifestyle, but many people visit Cacao Tree because they are trying to change their health through diet and exercise. It is so hard to find fresh, healthy food on the go, and Cacao Tree Cafe is trying to fill that gap. It has been a massively growing part of their business, and they are happy to help people make healthier decisions one meal at a time. Everything at Cacao Tree Cafe is made from scratch, down to their salad dressings and sauces. They source everything they can local and organic. Cacao Tree Cafeís ëBurritoí is by far their most popular item. The filling is prepared like taco meat but made out of walnuts, almonds, and sunflower seeds spiced with chilli powder, garlic, cumin, and coriander. It has a very hearty and satisfying taste and texture, almost identical to regular taco meat. It comes with guacamole, homemade salsa and a delicious cashew sour cream. The recognizable flavors make a perfect first choice for someone who is new to vegan food. One of the things Amber strived for when opening Cacao Tree Cafe is to make food that is so tasty that the entire general public would be interested in it. Everyone at Cacao Tree believes that having a well-balanced diet is so much more important than labels. It is about incorporating really healthy foods into your diet on a daily basis, not about having the perfect diet. Cacao Tree Cafe constantly receives compliments in regards to their wonderful staff. If you are a little bit out of your comfort zone going to a vegan restaurant, you do not need to worry. The entire staff is very friendly and willing to explain an ingredient or answer a question about their food. Everyone at Cacao Tree Cafe is very passionate about the food they serve and want to be a resource for people.

204 W 4th St
Royal Oak, MI 48067