Cafe Delamar, Palm Beach FL | Merchant Profile

Pleasantly located in Palm Beach, Cafe Delamar has become a staple in the community, well known for their fresh and fast service at a reasonable price. Owner France Gazaill has prioritized providing a welcoming atmosphere paired with quality food, and has done so successfully. She is known in the community for being reliable and most of all efficient. Whether you are stopping in for a quick bite or looking to enjoy a meal in good company, Cafe Delamar is highly regarded in the area, and definitely worth paying a visit. Their rapid success can be attributed to the fact that all of their items are made in house and use the freshest products available. Nothing in the store is bought ahead of time so the customer can rest assured that they will always be enjoying food that is made to order. Cafe Delamar is popular for their daily specials which change on a weekly as well as daily basis. Their Hot Sandwiches are a fan favorite including their Grilled Chicken Breast with Lemon Artichoke Pesto on a Baguette. They also serve delicious cold sandwiches, popular variations include the Chicken and Tuna salad. France also offers her customers delivery if that is preferred, although stopping in and enjoying a friendly, social experience is hard to pass up. The Cafe offers catering in the form of sandwich platters which is perfect for corporate gatherings as well as a family get together. No matter what the situation is, Cafe Delamar is perfect for a quick bite to eat, and is sure to satisfy. Located at 326 Peruvian Avenue, Suite 4, it is a definite must while visiting the Palm Beach area.

326 Palm Beach
Palm Beach, FL 33480