Cafe Emunah, Fort Lauderdale FL | Merchant Profile

If youíre looking for a relaxing and serene setting to enjoy a nice meal, look no further than CafÈ Emunah. Established ten years ago, the restaurant prides itself on their organic and kosher food, comfortable and inviting atmosphere, and top-notch customer service. The restaurant boasts a very positive vibe and encourages customers to sit back, relax, and take their time. CafÈ Emunah does not serve meat of any kind and the entire kitchen is kosher. The menu is full of variety including: sushi, fresh fish, pizza, pasta, and salads. The sushi is very popular and the Moses Roll seems to be many customersí favorite. CafÈ Emunahís pizzas are another popular choice with a variety of different styles and flavors to choose from. The Salmon Spinach is a unique pizza to try that is made with pesto sauce, smoked salmon, spinach, tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese. Everything at the restaurant is 100% made from scratch using the freshest and finest ingredients. They even locally source their ingredients and produce as much as they possibly can. CafÈ Emunah may be ten years old, but the restaurant is working hard to bring in new changes to revitalize the menu and restaurant as a whole. CafÈ Emunah does not serve alcohol, but they do serve delicious specialty coffees, teas, and beverages. As stated before, the ambiance of the restaurant is very calm and refreshing and the staff is very friendly and helpful. If you donít have time to dine-in, CafÈ Emunah offers delivery service through third party businesses. For more information, details, and their complete menu be sure to check out CafÈ Emunahís website. The next time youíre in town and looking for a great meal and atmosphere make sure to stop by CafÈ Emunah ñ you wonít be disappointed!

3558 North Ocean Boulevard
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308