Cafe Hanna, Scotts Valley CA | Merchant Profile

Cafe Hanna is a Mediterranean fusion restaurant that resides in Scotts Valley, California. It is owned by husband and wife, Adeeb and Jamie Karam. They opened the restaurant in June 2015. Adeedís mother was a successful restaurateur, and he takes after her in owning his very own award winning restaurant. Adeed says his problem with many Greek and Mediterranean restaurants is ìitís not the kind of Greek food we had at home.î His goal was to open a place that served ìwhat you would have if your Greek friend invited you over for dinner.î The restaurant is named after Adeed and Jamieís daughter, Hanna. The word Hanna in Arabic means ìthe joy of satisfaction,î which fit perfectly with the concept for their restaurant. Jamie says her favorite part of her job is the people. She loves interacting with the community, and getting to know her customers.What makes Cafe Hanna stand out is the interesting fusion of cultures and flavors that is unique to Adeed. His grandmother was Greek, and his grandfather was Syrian. Growing up, he never knew if he was eating Greek or Syrian food, so his recipes create a twist of both. At Cafe Hanna, everything is made from scratch, from the ground up. Everyday fresh yogurt is made, and garbanzo beans and spices are ground for hummus. A must try item is the Falafelicious Wrap, made with chicken souvlaki with falafel, tzatziki, and hummus. This wrap is adds a bit of an American twist; hummus and tzatziki arenít traditionally mixed, but they compliment each other perfectly in this dish. Vegetarians and vegans are in luck at Cafe Hanna. Their menu offers tons of choices. Their famous Lentil Soup, grandmaís recipe, is both vegan and gluten free. Drinks are another feature at the cafe. Simple things like water and coffee are elevated to the next level. Their water is refreshingly infused with ginger and mint. Their Greek coffee is made fresh, with boiled coffee grounds, spices, and honey. Itís so good on its own, you wonít even need cream.Cafe Hanna has won multiple Santa Cruz Sentinel Readerís Choice Awards including, ìBest Chefî, ìBest Vegetarianî, ìBest New Restaurant in Santa Cruz Countyî, and ìBest Restaurant in Scotts Valley.î The cafe has a small intimate setting, and outdoor seating is available. It is easily accessible on your way to or from the beach, and orders can be called in ahead of time. Check out Cafe Hanna for the best in authentic Mediterranean, Greek, and Syrian cuisine! 

5272 Scotts Valley Dr
Scotts Valley, CA 95066