Cafe Milano, Clearwater FL | Merchant Profile

Located in Clearwater, Florida, CafÈ Milano was established over ten years ago by a friend of the current owner, Mr. Donato Loi. A former customer, Loi sought to continue the tradition of authentic Italian food the restaurant has been so consistent with. A native of Milan, Loi prides himself on his use of imported ingredients as well as his widely favored pizzas. Whether it is fresh salads, Sicilian pizzas, or the fact that kids eat free everyday, CafÈ Milano has true Italian food that must be tasted when visiting the area.What makes CafÈ Milano so unique in comparison to the dozens of pizzerias in the area is that Loi imports most of his ingredients from Italy to keep the pizzas as authentic as possible. From the Italian flour that is used for the dough, to the mozzarella, to the tomatoes used for the sauce, Loi provides the best experience possible to anyone that wants an authentic Italian pizza. If that wasn’t enough, CafÈ Milano also uses a brick oven to cook each pizza to perfection.The most popular pie on the menu is the Sicilian Pizza which is topped with Italian sausage, spiced olives and mixed mushrooms including portobello. A must try is also their Margherita Pizza, made with fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, and oregano. Not only does CafÈ Milano have fantastic pizzas, but the restaurant also serves Traditional Italian Meatballs, Traditional Lasagna, and a wide variety of Large salads. The pizzeria serves Italian Beers and Wines for the customers to enjoy as well. Located at 105 N Fort Harrison Avenue, CafÈ Milano provides a true Italian experience with the cuisine to match. When visiting the Clearwater area and seeking great food with a positive experience, CafÈ Milano certainly meets all of the aforementioned criteria.

105 N Fort Harrison Ave.
Clearwater, FL 33755