Cafe Toscano, West Palm Beach FL | Merchant Profile

Cozily situated in West Palm Beach, Florida, Cafe Toscano provides the most authentic Italian cuisine that can be found in the area. Owner, Anna Maria Giacamazzo, has been successful in staying true to Italian cuisine and lets the food speak for itself. With a wide array of choices, the restaurant provides a classic taste that will suit anyone that comes to try whether it is their Pastas, Paninis, or Fish Dishes. While in the West Palm Beach area, Cafe Toscano is a must try and is sure to please with its inviting charm paired with the delicious food that is offered. Feeding the area for the past two years, Cafe Toscano is well known and since beginning, quickly turned into a restaurant that serves highly regarded dishes. A very popular dish,  their Veal Chop, is a 16 oz, broiled, center cut, and is sure to please any customer seeking a savory, satisfying dinner. Another fan favorite, the Grouper Alla Toscano, is eight or nine ounces, pan seared, prepared in a white wine, herbs, spices, lemon, sun dried tomatoes from sicily, and artichokes from Italy. They are also well known for their meatballs, made with beef, veal, and chicken, and a very small amount of bread crumbs. Nothing is pre prepared, and all of their pastas are made at the time of their order, as well as their cheese being freshly grated off of the wheel. Cafe Toscano prides itself on not only serving authentic food, but also the fact that their primary dishes are all imported due in part to Giacamazzo√≠s affiliation with her import company. This is completely unique to the restaurant simply because many establishments do not do this. Each visit, the customer can be completely confident that they are indulging in high quality, authentic Italian dishes. Along with the ingredients being imported, Giacamazzo also owns her own vineyard in Italy and sources her wines from that exact location. Upon visiting Cafe Toscano, you will truly be enjoying a real Italian meal from top to bottom. At 721 Village Boulevard, Cafe Toscano has been a staple in the community ever since they began. With a comfortable, intimate setting, customers are taken care of by a very welcoming staff. Satisfying their patrons is the restaurant’s top priority, and will undoubtedly provide each and every diner with excellent service and quality food.

721 Village Blvd
West Palm Beach, FL 33409