Camp Ticonderoga, Troy MI | Merchant Profile

Having been around since 1996, Camp Ticonderoga has become a well known staple in Troy and the surrounding areas. The name resonates with many locals, being one of the premier spots to enjoy a fantastic meal with great service with friends and family. The success at the restaurant is due in part to the fantastic staff, and of course, the food. The welcoming ambiance is nothing short of impressive, and their specialty menu items bring the whole experience full circle. The restaurant is located right off of a golf course making it a perfect spot to enjoy the weekend, or just to stop in and grab a quick bite to eat. Camp Ticonderoga specializes in wild game, making them a unique option that is rich and flavorful and will adhere to everyoneís taste preference. A popular appetizer, the Wild Thang,is a sampling of various items featuring a spicy Venison Sausage,  Rabbit Ravioli, Duck Tenders, Whitefish Pate, and BBQ Buffalo Balls. The different components make for a fantastic flavor experience, worth trying above all else. A highly recommended item, The Buffalo Burger, offers  the option to adding two slices of American, Pepper Jack, Cheddar, or Swiss, as well as Bacon. All of their buns are made in house, separating themselves from any competition. No matter the occasion, Camp Ticonderoga seeks to impress and has no trouble in doing so, offering some of the best dishes in Troy. The specials are reason enough to stop in the restaurant, always looking for new ways to provide their fantastic cuisine at an affordable price. On Mondayís they offer the option to indulge in their Prime Rib special, providing their delicious eight ounce cut for a steal, as well as seventy cent wings. Their unique options continue with their Road Kill Grill, comprised of a Venison Brochette, semi-boneless broiled quail with Michigan Game Gravy, and Wild Boar Sausage. The extensive list of options gives newcomers a try of everything and seasoned veterans all of the choices they have come to know and love. Banquets and events are where the restaurants shine the most, specializing in providing custom memorable experiences for any type celebration. The options vary to renting out the whole location or even just requesting a private, more intimate setting of up to thirty people. The focus is to maintain the happiness of customers, and Camp Ticonderoga does so flawlessly. Located at 5725 Rochester Road, coming will ensure a fantastic experience and is a must while in the Troy area.

5725 Rochester Rd.
Troy, MI 48085