Capt’n Chucky’s Crab Cake Co. – Huntingdon Valley, Huntingdon Valley PA | Merchant Profile

Providing the best of the best when it comes to seafood, Captín Chuckyís Crab Cake Company, takes the freshest ingredients and comprises them into their top quality selections for customers to indulge in. Owner of this location, Jim Rogers, took an interest in the widely renowned crab cakes from the moment he had one and knew he had to take on this culinary powerhouse. After contacting Chuck & Nancy Wojciehowski, founders of Captín Chuckyís, he opened the the Yardley location in 2013 and has seen widespread success ever since.The store features something for everyone and the options take the next level when elevating the classic seafood options. The Smith Island Crab Cake features ninety one percent crab meat, always seeking to serve their customers hearty portions. They take pride in not using a lot of filler, unlike many other crab cake purveyor. The Shrimp is also widely notorious, sourcing Jumbo Wild Caught Shrimp, all prepared and steamed fresh in house ensuring the best quality for customers to eat.The goal for Jim was to provide the best crab cake customers could possibly experience and he has done so flawlessly. Once customers try it once, they are consistently coming back to get their hands on more. The hearty portions are offered at an affordable price making visiting the store a must while in the area. The genuine and trustworthy experience Jim and his team provides is nothing short of impressive, and is worth stopping in and seeing what makes them special!

1920 County Line Rd
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006