Carini’s Southern Italian, Milwaukee WI | Merchant Profile

Cariniís Southern Italian (originally Cariniís La Conca díOra) is a 20 year old family owned and operated restaurant specializing in traditional Sicilian cuisine. The restaurant is full of history. Peter, the owner came to the states from Sicily in 1966 with his seven siblings. He came here with modest means, but a willingness to work hard and a passion for cooking. He started as a busboy, but spent his time in the kitchen, soaking up all the information he could. He learned from both restaurant cooks and watching his own family in their home kitchen. Eventually, he learned enough to become an executive chef, but what he really wanted to do was own his own restaurant, and thus Cariniís La Conca díOra was born. Tradition is the key to amazing food at Cariniís. Greg, Peterís son, has spent years researching the history of Sicilian food, which is why itís always done right. Their Neapolitan style of cooking pizza dates back hundreds of years. It is cooked for 90 seconds at 900 degrees. When pizza became popular in America, people didnít have the ovens capable of cooking pizza this way, so the New York style was born. The secret to this original style is the fresh mozzarella cheese, which is soft and melts to perfection, blending perfectly with the fresh spices. The chemistry of the dough is also important. There is an art to getting the perfect ìleopard printî crisp on the outside.Many of the items on the menu are made from scratch, soon including their very own scratch pasta. Many of their Sicilian customers tell Greg that their food reminds them of a home cooked meal. They are now expanding their menu a bit including more Southern Italian options, including their selection of Southern Italian wines. Greg also recommends the Calamari, which is lightly fried and topped with a squeeze of lemon juice, and the Spiedini, thin meat cutlets stuffed with Sicilian bread crumbs.The decor is another notable feature at Cariniís. The walls are covered in hand painted murals of the family and each wall has a different story behind it. Cariniís offers delivery through the meal mobile. They are open Tuesday through Sunday. Check out Cariniís for a taste of Sicilian tradition!

3468 N. Oakland Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53211