Cass Cafe-Cass Cafe, Michigan

How did the restaurant get its name?
Cass Cafe was an original on Cass Avenue in the 1990’s before many of the surrounding businesses. The owner has a great love for art so the restaurant features rotating galleries of local artists every 2 to 3 months for the public to enjoy. Cass Cafe also has a partnership with the Hilberry Theater, so anyone dining at Cass Cafe that orders the featured drink, often named after the show currently at the Hilberry receives a coupon to the show.

What is your favorite menu item?
Definitely the Curry Chicken, which is a perfectly roasted chicken breast served over a bed of capellini in a sweet creamy curry sauce with a side of delicious garlic bread.

When a new customer comes in, what appetizer or dish should they try?
The Artichoke and Spinach Dip and the Salmon BLT are both a must try. Cass Cafe also features changing specials, always something different and unique on the menu.