Cause Cafe, Northport NY | Merchant Profile

Cause CafÈ opened on May 7, 2016 and was founded by Stacey Wohl, a single mother of two children with autism. The CafÈ was created in order to provide employment and a learning work environment for young adults with disabilities. Cause CafÈ gives them the opportunity to improve their interpersonal relations, math, and motor skills in a friendly and professional environment. Cause CafÈ serves Our Coffee with a Cause, which was established by Stacey in 2012. The coffee is micro roasted in small batches locally in Brooklyn and is served hot and fresh. They also serve delicious homemade baked goods along with breakfast and lunch foods that are all created from scratch. The pancakes and waffles are both very popular and can be made gluten and dairy free. Cause CafÈ also uses organic eggs, gluten-free bread, and can even make vegan cupcakes! The Croque Monsieur is a popular lunch choice and is made with ham, Gruyere cheese, and Dijon mustard. As the CafÈ prepares to celebrate its first month in business, they are also putting the finishing touches on their brand new French bistro themed dinner menu that will be implemented very soon! The CafÈ welcomes different groups and field trips to visit their location in order to learn about how the company works. They also offer catering services for special events and parties. Not only does the CafÈ employ people with special needs, but they also offer volunteer and internship opportunities as well. Donations to the cause are also appreciated and accepted in order to keep the business thriving and to one day expand. There is a large, free parking lot located in the back of the eatery for easy accessibility and convenience. The next time youíre craving a warm cup of Joe, make sure to give Cause CafÈ a try for great coffee, exceptional service, and support of a great cause!  

1014 Fort Salonga Rd
Northport, NY 11768