CAV, Providence RI | Merchant Profile

For over twenty-five years CAV restaurant has provided the community not only with delicious cuisine, but also a mesmerizing experience you canít find anywhere else. Nestled away from the hustle and bustle of every day life in a quiet, beautiful courtyard you will find the one-of-a-kind restaurant. Sylvia, the owner, opened CAV with the idea of spreading restoration and joy while making a difference in the world.  In French, a Cave is a wine cellar and is pronounced ìcavî where the restaurant gets its name. The restaurantís dÈcor emphasizes its name and gives the place a very lofty, cozy, and warm atmosphere. The restaurant is adorned in antiques, which give it a beautiful and unique look, and customers may even purchase some of the pieces. Sylvia has a keen eye for detail and even puts a fresh long stem rose on every table before every new shift.  CAVís menu compliments its dÈcor with its worldly and eclectic selection. The menu is full of different global inspirations from French and Italian to Asian and American with some fusion and brand new ideas thrown in. One of the restaurantís most popular dishes is the Pistachio Crusted Superlump Crabcakethat is served with Sriracha aioli and Taro root chips. The Native Point Judith Calamari is another fan favorite that is seared with garlic, Italian peppers, and fresh basil. Just like the food and dÈcor, the customers are an eclectic group too. People of all ages and lifestyles stop by CAV to enjoy its delicious food and drinks. In addition to their great food, CAV also has a wonderful full bar stocked with different drinks and spirits. The bar itself is actually historic and dates back to the nineteenth century. Itís made from mahogany and was originally used at Peteís Tavern, one of New Yorkís oldest taverns. You can order any of CAVís delicious signature cocktails, beers, or wines and enjoy yourself at this historic bar. Sylvia attributes her restaurants success to her never wavering on her ideas or goals in opening CAV. Since the beginning she opened CAV out of love and to make a difference, not for the wealth or business. She continues to spread joy and happiness to each of her customers through her great food, relaxing environment, and excellent customer service. CAV even offers catering services for private and special events on and off-site. The next time youíre in the area make sure to stop by CAV for a meal and experience you truly wonít forget.

14 Imperial Place
Providence, RI 02903