Cedars Restaurant, Seminole FL | Merchant Profile

Owner Abdul, his partner, and super star employee Hanan proudly welcome you to Cedars Restaurant. This is genuine Lebanese food. Generations of recipes passed down from mothers to  daughters are the inspiration for the restaurant’s cuisine. The authenticity of the food is undeniable. The hummus, like everything else is homemade. Abdul tells us if his mother ever saw canned hummus in his restaurant, sheíd be very upset. The grape leaves are rolled by hand daily.Popular menu items are; Baba Ghanouge. Roasted eggplant blended with sesame paste, garlic and lemon juice. Topped with extra virgin olive oil and Chicken Shawarma. Marinated chicken with garlic sauce, onions, parsley and tomatoes. Lamb and fish are combined with spices like garlic and sage with olive oil combine to produce true Lebanese delicacies. The restaurant is BYOB and features only the freshest meats and produce. They can do both onsite and offsite catering.Online ordering and takeout is available. They have experience doing wedding, parties and corporate events of all sizes. The restaurant also features outdoor seating on the patio for about 40 people. Abdul feel proudest when a guest thanks him for a wonderful experience after a meal. For an authentic taste of Lebanon visit the Cedar Restaurant today.  

8999 Park Blvd
Seminole, FL 33777