Cello’s Charhouse, Safety Harbor FL | Merchant Profile

Celloís Charhouse is a family style restaurant located in Safety Harbor, Florida. Celloís Charhouse has been in operation for 18 years and is now under new ownership by Andy and Lori Holynskj. Andy specializes in Mediterranean dishes so they have added that twist to the menu. The couple loves the charm of the town Safety Harbor and is excited about their new ownership and opportunities that come with it.  Celloís is a charhouse with the classic variety of meats, but this restaurant has a unique flair to it. Celloís has a set menu, but each week there are different international specials available. For example, one week may have Turkish weekly specials and another week may have Italian. Customers enjoy having different specials weekly and it adds to the excitement of coming in the doors or Celloís.One of the most popular dishes at Celloís is the Braised Short Ribbed Flatbread. This dish is topped with bacon apple jam, citrus aioli and arugula. Another fan favorite is the Potato Leek Curry soup. Often times customers ask for second helpings of this soup when it is on the menu. Another frequently ordered dish is the Eggplant Tapenade served with chunks of Feta cheese. Celloís Charhouse also has many delicious desserts. A new creation by the chef staff is called ìPie Cake.î In this dish, there is a piece of pie inside of a cake, such as a piece of blueberry pie inside of a lemon cake, and then drizzled with a light cheese.Another unique quality about Celloís Charhouse is that it is BYOB. This brings a comfortable feel to the restaurant and makes its customers feel at home. Everything used at Celloís is fresh and from scratch. Dining at Celloís Charhouse makes for a great experience and even better cuisine.

143 7th Avenue North
Safety Harbor, FL 34695