Ceviche Arigato, Miami FL | Merchant Profile

Rosemary Batzel was born into the restaurant industry. Growing up in Peru, her mother owned five restaurants. She would go to the restaurant before school and have breakfast, then come back the restaurant after school, stay till about 8:00 pm and go home with her nanny. Rosemary would do her homework and eat with customers when she was five years out, and people really enjoyed her company.When Rosemary was 17, she started her career in hotel management. After finishing school in Peru she got a scholarship to a work-study program in Europe. Meanwhile, her mother was opening restaurants in Miami. Rosemaryís mom asked her to come stateside and help her out, and she settled in Miami eight years ago.Rosemaryís mom owns family style restaurants, but when she came back from Europe, she had a different concept in mind. She wanted to do something different. Rosemaryís mom helped her open her first restaurant since they would never let her rent a place herself without a proven background of running a business.The first Ceviche Arigato, serving American, Japanese and Peruvian cuisine, was established in 2013. Rosemary has since opened two other locations, and said business is booming. Rosemary named her restaurant after a dish she grew up eating created  by her grandfather. Ceviche Arigato is not only the restaurantís name but also one of her signature items. Fresh fish is marinated with lime, soy sauce, and a hint of mustard, garnished with wasabi and avocado.Customers rave about the ëArizotado con Lomoí, a Peruvian style risotto served with a yellow Peruvian pepper and parmesan sauce, sauteed onions and tomatoes, and steak cooked in soy sauce. Everything in the restaurant is prepared to order – if you would rather have chicken or fish, no problem!Sushi lover? Order the ëAcevichado Rollí; shrimp tempura and avocado topped with fresh tuna and garnished with fried sweet potatoes. Visit any of the three Ceviche Arigato locations, in Weston, West Palm Beach, and Miami!

11401 NW 12th St
Miami, FL 33172