Ceviche by the Sea, Fort Lauderdale FL | Merchant Profile

Ceviche by the Sea in Fort Lauderdale opened in October 2012. The Peruvian restaurant was bought by Erika and Jaime Camino. Erika and Jaime are both from Peru, but have mixed backgrounds. They have experience with food from multiple cultures, which all come through in their recipes. Erika says that Peruvian food itself is fusion of a few different cultures which is what makes it so unique. She and her husband bought Ceviche by the Sea, because they were always looking for great Peruvian restaurants so they decided they should just run one themselves. The atmosphere is classy and modern decor in a clean and comfortable environment. The name Ceviche by the Sea comes from the Peruvian way of eating Ceviche, by the beach.Ceviche by the Sea has a unique and upscale menu. Ceviche is the signature dish. All the ceviches are made with simple, fresh ingredients like corn, onion, cilantro, sweet potato, and their fresh caught fish. Erika recommends the Lomo Saltado, which can be prepared two ways. Guests love the Chef Style Lomo Saltado, made with layered steak, pearled onions and tomatoes, over a garlic and parmesan wheat risotto. For dessert treat yourself to a Picaroni, which is a fried sweet potato doughnut, served with a homemade brown syrup. Another customer favorite is their new Chicha Cheesecake, made with Peruvian purple corn. They also have a bar menu with beer and a variety of styles of wine. Their kitchen is run by a talented young chef, Carlos Delgado. Originally, it was Carlos’ mother interviewing for the job. She specialized in more traditional dishes, but knew her son was the creative mind they were looking for. One special of his specialties is a Chilean Sea Bass which he marinates with herbs and spices and wraps in plantain leaves. The result is flavorful, delicious, and looks beautiful on the plate. To give him a chance to work his creativity, Ceviche by the Sea does weekly ìChefís Nights,î where the chef improvises seven courses with whatever comes to his mind that night. Customers love the creations and they often stick around as weekly specials.Ceviche by the Sea is open seven days a week. They do brunch on Sundays. They offer catering and a few different options for delivery. They are also able to book special parties and events and inquiries can be made on their website. Check out Ceviche by the Sea for ìthe best Peruvian food in all of Broward County!î

2823 Oakland Park Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306