Ceviche Street, Hallandale Beach FL | Merchant Profile

Sergio Rigols opened Ceviche Street in 2013 and it is located in Hallandale Beach, Florida. Ceviche Street is an authentic Peruvian restaurant with a modern spin on it. There are many ingredients that are imported from the Caribbean in order to properly make the authentic dishes with a unique flavor. There is a lot of time spent finding quality ingredients in order to make these dishes.The most popular dish at Ceviche Street is, of course, its Ceviche, and the different variations of it. Other popular dishes are ìArroz Con Mariscos,î ìTuna Fortuna,î and ìPulpo Anticuchero.î The Caribbean favorites have their customersí mouths watering. An interesting part of Ceviche Street is that they use chili in making some of their desserts. The unique flavors found at Ceviche Street cannot be found anywhere else. Ceviche Street has a wide selection of wines and beers that add to the dining experience. They also do catering, as well as pickup and delivery. They have efficient and timely service and make it a point to make sure they are serving the best quality cuisine at all times.Customer service at Ceviche Street is a huge emphasis and they pride themselves on that. This authentic Peruvian restaurant has so many options that all customers are able to find a unique dish that satisfies their taste buds. Ceviche Street gives a one of a kind dining experience and is getting more and more popular.

101 NE 3rd St Hallandale Beach
Hallandale Beach, FL 33009