Chaat Cafe, San Jose CA | Merchant Profile

The company is led by Mukesh Idnani and Mahesh Panjwani. As the founders and owners of N. Indian Fast Food Restaurant, LLC; they bring together their entrepreneurial spirit and a strong devotion to establishing the company in its well-defined market niche.  Both Mukesh and Mahesh come from family traditions of entrepreneurship and higher education. Both of their parents, as well as their siblings, successfully owned and operated their own businesses. It is not surprising that Mukesh and Mahesh have this same orientation. It is within the framework of this background, that their expertise and creative abilities will provide the organization’s vision and direction, create its internal systems, and plan and execute its marketing efforts.  Both Mukesh and Mahesh graduated from India and have a Bachelorís Degree in Computer Science & Engineering. They have over 20 years of business and project management experience.   Being long-time friends, Mukesh and Mahesh were looking for a business opportunity they could share. As they discussed the matter, they began to realize that by establishing a high quality, upscale restaurant featuring Indian Cuisine at reasonable prices, they could capitalize on a remarkable opportunity where there was limited competitive encroachment. Combining this opportunity with the support of a franchisor represented the chance for which they were looking, and successfully opened Chaat CafÈ in San Jose, CA in December 2004.  Together, Mukesh and Mahesh worked hard at their San Jose location by focusing on providing excellent customer service, and consistent high quality food at reasonable prices. Their efforts started to pay back within couple of months in the form of customer appreciation and repeat customer business. Soon the quick-casual concept picked up in San Jose and had people craving more; major magazine and newspaper editors also gave some recognition by giving excellent reviews.  Mukesh and Mahesh share responsibilities that include all aspects of purchasing and receiving, pricing, inventory control, maintaining an optimal level of service, budget management, inventory control, customer relations, administrative management, book keeping, marketing, payroll, and quality control. Both now have around 12 years of experience in the food industry which gives them the capability to understand taste, flavors, customerís likes and dislikes, and have streamlined the business processes. They have also opened another location in Dublin, CA in March 2015.  Mukesh and Mahesh are certified Health experts, they understand each and every aspect of food storage guidelines in addition to maintaining cleanliness. They ensure that all employees understand and follow the strict guidelines set by city environmental services to maintain food quality.  Chaat Cafe is a cafe-style, quick-service restaurant featuring Indian cuisine and offers a wide variety of quick service foods, as well as snacks and entrees to the public. Chaat Cafe brings you the lip-smacking sweet, tangy & spicy flavors of India. Chaat Cafe is a casual dining indian restaurant in San Jose. A Fast Food Chain with Creative Flair. We are devoted to providing high quality Chaat – an East Indian term referring to snack food, although the restaurant actually offers a range of "gourmet-level" appetizers and entrees that can be eaten at the cafe as a meal or take-out.  Further, while the restaurant emphasizes the idea of serving Chaat, it is not exclusively Indian food, but offers options to those who don’t care for that cuisine. The idea here is not to make an eclectic Indian restaurant appealing to a limited number of people, but rather a high quality, fast-service facility appealing to a substantial sector of the marketplace. These individuals might like to try chaat, or just come in and have a good, quality meal or snack at a reasonable price.  The Chicken Tikka Masala is a popular dish, made using house roasted spices, tomatoes, onion, cream, and a dash of fenugreek. The sauce is slowly cooked with bite size pieces of tandoori chicken. Another popular item, the Cholay Bhature, is Indian spiced chickpea curry, served with 2 pieces of fried bread. The Chicken Wrap is also highly recommended, made on a fresh naan bread with mint-mayo, served with choice of fresh cucumber salad or spicy potato salad on the side, Chicken wrap is made with Tandoori boneless chicken, chopped cucumbers and mint sauce. The menu items are freshly prepared with seasonal vegetables, fish, meat and poultry, and whole grains and flours. No chemical additives or trans-fats are used.  The two locations in San Jose and Dublin, CA are franchise of Chaat Cafe, Inc., a California-based corporation. The Chaat Cafe program has a proven track record, successfully operating since 1999. Other locations owned by the  franchiser are in Fremont, Berkeley, and San Francisco, CA. Stopping in is definitely worth a try and is sure to deliver fast, fresh food in a casual manner. 

834 Blossom Hill Rd.
San Jose, CA 95123