Chaat House, Cupertino CA | Merchant Profile

Chaat House is a delicious Indian restaurant that focuses on serving famous Indian Chaat and snacks. It is located in Cupertino, California right across from De Anza College and down the street from Apple. Everything served at the Chaat House is vegetarian and made from fresh, quality ingredients. The restaurantís ambiance is relaxed and welcoming, with a friendly staff that is very attentive. Cupertino has a very large Indian community, so Chaat House is very popular because they offer great authentic Indian cuisine at an incredible price. Chaat House does an amazing job of offering big portions of food for a small price. Chaat Houseís most popular dish is their House Thali. The House Thali comes with two vegetables, Dal, Raita, Kadhi, rice, and papad and is served with two rotis and your choice of drink. Another fan favorite is the Channa Masala, which is garbanzo beans cooked with onions and tomatoes in a house special sauce. Many of Chaat Houseís dishes are on the lighter side, so it is easy to order multiple dishes to try different flavors. One of Chaat Houseís specialties is their assortment of breads. They offer many different flavors as well as stuffings to put inside the bread. The bread is one of customersí favorite snacks that Chaat House creates. Chaat House does not serve alcohol, but they do offer a wide variety of exotic Indian drinks. They have everything from teas to sodas and Lassi, which is a classic yogurt drink, to Chaas, that is a buttermilk drink. Chaat House also offers catering for a large variety of different events and parties. They cater to both business and personal functions, and since they are located in a large Indian community, they often cater for different Indian Holidays and Festivals. For great, healthy food served in a delightful environment, make sure to check out Chaat House soon!

21267 Stevens Creek Blvd
Cupertino, CA 95014